Baking & Pastry Course


Learn how to make various tarts, pastries, eclairs, bread, croissants with ease! The most informative, easy to follow and unique online baking & pastry course. 


Start Date: 2nd of October 2021

Duration: 10 Weeks


You will learn how to professionally create the most amazing desserts and pastries

You will master the most amazing pastries, tarts, mini desserts, yeast dough, shortcrust pastry, choux pastry, pies, eclairs, puff pastry, and bread. There will be a support group and a mentor during the whole course, so you will never be alone. As well as live webinars with Alla every week.


Who is this course for?

The course is suitable for both beginners (even if the only thing you ever baked is cookies), and those who already bake or sell desserts to their clients.


Beginners will be able to gradually master the basic skills of making desserts: starting from simple desserts, ending with croissants and bread.


Professionals will be able to dive into the theory of processes, get ideas on various flavors and learn new techniques, as well as get creative and learn teqniques. 

"I am currently taking Alla’s Pastry Class and it has been such a wonder learning experience! Alla is so knowledgeable and a fantastic teacher! Her approach to teaching is so inspiring. I have been pushed out of my comfort zone and I am continuing to expand my baking skills! I highly recommend taking this course with Alla! I will continue to be one of “Allasstudents” for as long as she offers her classes! Thank you Alla and Alla’s team of instructors! "


"One of the most beneficial courses I have ever taken. Alla and her team are excellent at what they do and I will continue to take her courses as long as they are available. Highly highly recommended "


"Alla- I want to thankyouuuu from the bottom of my heart. I have always wanted to learn baking since I was a small but given the background and challenges it didn’t happen. But the course just made me realize it’s not too difficult as it seemed. And with these classes of yours, where you are alwaysss approachable for us with any query and these different flavors where we get to taste and challenge ourselves takes it to another level. It’s been an amazing learning experience and your way of teaching has made it easier and a lot fun. Thanks again- hope someday when this covid is over, I can attend your masterclass and meet you in person. Thanks ❤️❤️"


Transform your pastry skills in just 10 weeks!

My aim is to not give you 1000 recipes on the course so that you don’t know what to do with it. My goal is to give you the most diverse textures and techniques so that you understand the principles of pastry making, and learn how to independently combine the fillings,  flavours and create original desserts after the course. This course is available for anyone, anywhere and requires no prior baking experience.

Save My Seat In Class

How does the course work?

You watch a detailed video lesson at a convenient time for you, and make 1 recipe per week. You will have a choice between several recipes a week, you can make only one or all 4. 

You do your homework at a convenient time for yourself, and post a picture in the private group. The mentor checks your desserts and gives you feedback.

Every week, there is a live coaching webinar with Alla, where she answers all your questions and shares her knowledge.

Every week you move on to the next video lesson. A new lesson opens every Friday in your library. 

Your Teacher & Mentor

Alla is a professional Pastry Chef and has been in the industry for over 7 years. Desserts are her passion and she loves passing all her knowledge to her students.


You will learn how to make different pastries and desserts, with various flavors and techniques over 10 weeks.

Week 1 | All about Cookies | Chocolate, Pistachio, Lemon, Mango Passion Fruit

Week 2 | Mini Cakes | Carrot & Salted Caramel, Lemon Meringue, Pistachio Financier, Chocolate Hazelnut

Week 3 | Desserts | Chocolate Souffle, Hidden Vanilla Surprise Cake, Coffee & Bayleys Roulade, Cake Pop Hearts

Week 4 | Yeast Dough | All about yeast dough,  Cinnamon Swirl, Cream cheese Passion Fruit Braid, Soft Jam Buns, Donuts with 3 fillings.

Week 5 | Pies & Pastry | Shortcrust Pastry, Pear & Almond Frangipane Tart, Strawberry Coconut, Triple Chocolate, Raspberry Pistachio, 

Week 6 | Tartlets & Tarts | Coffee & Praline, Blackforest Cherry, Passion Fruit, Olive Oil & Vanilla, Salted Caramel Raspberry

Week 7 | Choux Pastry | All about Choux Pastry, Triple Chocolate Eclairs, Peanut Butter & Raspberry Craqlin, Pistachio & Blackcurrant Paris Breast, Jasmine Honey Crunch Profiteroles

Week 8 | Puff Pastry | All about Puff Pastry, Tropical Mille Feuille, Pineapple Basil Braid, Croissants 

Week 9 | Puff Pastry Advanced | Blueberry Brioche, Kouig- Amman, Popcorn & Salted Caramel Cruffins 

Week 10 | Bread | Milk Bread, Soft Buns, Poppyseed White Bread, Ciabatta


Certification & Further Support

You will bake and make all the pastries and get a digital certificate from our school. You will have access to all the video lessons and updates in your library.


You will receive access to our Exclusive Christmas Bakes & Pastries Course worth ($297) if you pay for a full package. This course will give you even more ideas and recipes for the Christmas table. You will be able to become a pro in creating these pastries.

What is inside the Christmas Course?

✔️ 30 Exclusive Christmas Recipes

✔️ Sweet & Savoury Bakes

✔️ Video Tutorials

✔️ Downloadable PDF Files

✔️ Unique and fun ideas


Online Course Packages

We haven't officially opened the sales and bookings for the Course, however, if you want to secure your spot - you can pay a deposit of $100, which will guarantee your place in the course and will be deducted from the final payment.




10 Week Baking & Pastry Course

40 Professional Lessons

Access to all the online lessons

Online support during the course

Weekly Coaching Webinars with Alla (priceless)

Access to closed chat with other course participants and a mentor 



Access to the course: 1 Year 





10 Week Baking & Pastry Course

40 Professional Lessons

Access to all the online lessons

Online support during the course 

Weekly Coaching webinars with Alla (priceless) 

Access to closed chat with other course participants and a mentor



Access to the course: Lifetime 





10 Week Baking & Pastry Course

40 Professional Lessons

Access to all the online lessons

Online support during the course 

Weekly Coaching Webinars with Alla (priceless)

Access to closed chat with other course participants and a mentor 



Access to the course: Lifetime 



Please see work from my students, most of them were first-time bakers! Everything is possible, come on this journey with me, I will teach you everything you need to know to succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

The course starts on 27th March 2021. I will send you all the information a week before, so you can get ready for the course.

You will have access to the course from 1 year to a lifetime depending on the package you choose.

There are in total 60 video lessons and you will also get access to a private group with your mentor and other bakers, where you can participate and get answers to all of your questions. 

Yes, it will be. The course is designed for beginners. The learning process is built from easy to more complex recipes, this way the program is most effective. Before we start, we will go through all the basic things and touch on all the theoretical and practical points.

Absolutely, you can. All the pastries and desserts on the course are designed in a way so that anyone can reproduce them at home.



You can choose which payment plan works for you best, either monthly or in full. 

Yes, it really is! The main thing is the desire and willingness to work, and from our side, we promise comfortable and effective training for you. After completing the course, you can make pastries and desserts on a professional level.

P.S. many of my students have radically changed their field of work during the course, changed their work as an accountant/lawyer, and are successfully engaged in baking and selling the pastries to their clients.

Yes of course, we have students from all over the place, USA, Germany, UK, Latvia, China, Philippines, Argentina, Australia, Spain and many more. 

Yes it's possible, please send us an email to [email protected] and we will send you the payment for the course, and then organise it for you. 

Choose which package you want to pay for, and it will take you to a checkout page, where you can pay via paypal, stripe or credit/debit card. 

I am sure that this is the best online course for you, so I can safely give you a guarantee that if within 7 days, for some reason you decide that this course is not suitable for you, we will refund you without further questions. 

Every Friday you will get access to a new module. Study at your own pace and time. The mentor checks your homework, gives feedback, and answers all your questions. Every week there is a live coaching webinar with Alla to discuss the main questions and errors.

Each video lesson contains materials on how to make specific cake, with downloadable PDF files and recipes. I appreciate your time is valuable, so everything is straight to the point. 

Of course! Every day, your mentor will check your homework and answer questions. Also, a webinar with Alla will be held every week with an analysis of all your questions.

On average, you will need 2 to 4 hours per week to complete the course successfully. This time includes watching a video lesson and learning materials, viewing a webinar, and doing the homework.

You can watch the video lesson as many times as you need to. You can download and print a PDF file with a detailed description and recipe.


Yes you will, after the completion of the course, we will send you a digital certificate.

In extreme situations and emergency, we accept this and will be able to put you through the next course.

Access to the video lessons and materials will be in your library during the training. You can complete the lesson at your own pace and take submit your homework later. If you miss 1-2 weeks or even more, as long as you catch up within 10 weeks you will be fine :)


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