Want to learn how to cook like a pro? The most powerful, advanced and unique mousse cake course.


Start Date : 10th October 2020

Duration: 12 Weeks


You will learn how to professionally create the most popular mousse cakes & desserts

In this course, you will learn how to make all the cakes from scratch. You will have a support group and a mentor during the course. As well as live webinars with Alla every week.

Transform your pastry skills in just 14 weeks!

Our aim is not to give you 1000 cake recipes on the course so that you don’t know what to do with it. Our aim is to give you the most diverse textures and techniques so that you understand the principles of cake making, and learn how to independently combine the fillings,  flavours and create original desserts after the course.

This course is available for anyone, anywhere and requires no prior baking experience. However, if you have some basic knowledge and want to master the quality of your work, this course is for you too. 



Who is this course for?

The course is suitable for both beginners (even if the only thing you ever baked is cookies), and those who already bake or sell cakes to their clients.


Beginners will be able to gradually master the basic skills of making desserts: starting from simple mousses, ending with multi-tiered cakes with amazing decor.


Professionals will be able to dive into the theory of processes, get ideas on various flavours and learn new techniques, as well as get creative and learn decor. 

Course starts 10th October 2020

Learn the most flavorful recipes that will elevate your baking skills to a higher level. No prior experience required.

Whether you want to make your cakes a little better, are a complete beginner or want to start a career in the cake industry, this course will set you up for success!  


How does the course work?

1. You watch a detailed video lesson at a convenient time for you, study the theory and create the cake recipe.

2. You do your homework and send a picture to the mentor. The mentor checks your cakes and gives you feedback.

3. Every week, there is a live webinar with Alla, where she answers all your questions and shares her knowledge.

4. Every week you move on to the next video lesson. A new lesson opens every Monday in your library. 

✅  You can study in a convenient place from your smartphone, tablet or laptop

✅  Access to all video lessons, webinars and course materials will be in your account

Course Overview

Learn which ingredients to use for the best results. What you need to have in your kitchen to cook like real pastry chef. I will tell and show in practice how this works. This knowledge is enough for you to understand the basics of mousse cakes, get a good education or start a small business.

You can store mousse cakes in the freezer for up to 2-4 weeks, which will allow you to prepare a cake last min. You can also easily organize the “urgent order” service when the client receives the cake on the same or the next day, because you just have to decorate the finished product.  



Introductory Lesson on Equipment & Ingredients

The video lessons are available for free in your account in the section "Library". From this video lesson you will learn what ingredients and equipment you must have in order to create beautiful cakes.

You can also download the checklist of what you will need for the course. In addition to the video lesson, you will receive all the links where to get everything.

Watch the Videos


Extensive theoretical part, the main module for understanding all the processes and techniques.

Fundamentals & Basics

  • Mirror Glaze Techniques
  • Possible Issues, Solutions & Recommendations
  • Mirror Glazed Recipes
  • Various Mousses
  • Compotes & Confit
  • Different types of sponges
  • Velvet Techniques & Possible Issues
  • Spider Web Techniques
  • Double Tiered Cake
  • Lifting & Manoeuvring A Glazed Cake
  • Learning Double Effect ( Half velur/ Half mirror glaze) 
  • Splash Mirror Glaze "Effect"


You will learn how to make 10 different cakes, with various flavours and techniques.

Mousse Cakes

  • Gluten Free Chocolate & Raspberry Cake. Gluten free brownie, raspberry confit, raspberry ganache, dark chocolate mousse
  • Lemon & Strawberry Coconut Cake. Coconut dacquoise, strawberry confit, lemon mousse
  • Spiced Apple & Caramel Cake + Caramel Mirror Glaze. Almond joconde, apple compote, apple caramel, caramel mousse
  • Mini Cherry & Pistachio Cakes. Vanilla cherry brownies, pistachio mousse, cherry inserts
  • Chocolate & Hazelnut Cake + Chocolate Mirror Glazes. Chocolate genoise sponge, praline, creme anglais, crunchy layer, hazelnut mousse
  • Red Velvet Cake + Spider Web Teqniques. Red velvet sponge, cranberry compote, cream cheese mousse
  • Mango & Passion Fruit Cake + Velvet Spray Teqniques. Pistachio joconde, pistachio crunch, tropical confit, passion fruit cremeux, mango mousse
  • Blueberry & Lemon Yogurt Cake. Lemon sponge, wild blueberry mousse, chocolate brazil crunch, blueberry confit, lemon yogurt cremleux.
  • Double Tiered Cake. Chocolate Fudge & Orange Cake. Orange fudge brownies, crunchy layer, orange compote, orange mousse, chocolate bavarian mousse.
  • Caramelised Pear, Earl Grey Cake. Vanila daquaz, caramelised pears with cashews, vanilla ice cream mousse, earl grey mousse, pear mousse.


Included when you get a Business Package.

Business Course

During the course, you will be able to work out your product and understand in which direction you want to develop.

Analyse your audience, build a system for attracting and retaining customers.

Learn how to work with Social Media & Instagram to promote your business

You’ll learn what steps you need to take to open your home business or a small cake shop.

6 Live Webinars with a professional

Download Course Outline


Exam, certification and further support

Exam, certification and further support

You will pass the final exam on all the topics covered and get a certificate from our school. We will mail it to you.

You will have access to all the video lessons and updates in your library after the course for 6 months. 


You will receive a box with equipment and ingredients worth $300 as a gift if you pay in full for any course package. We will send it to any country at our expense.

In the box you will recieve:

  • Baking rings 16 cm x 2 pcs
  • Baking rings 14 cm x 2 pcs
  • Water-soluble colours x 3
  • Titanium dioxide 50 gr
  • Pastry nozzles x 2 pcs
  • Pastry disposable bags x 30 pcs.
  • Spatula x 1 pc
  • Gelatine Leafs
  • Gelatine Powder
  • Almond Meal
  • Cocoa Butter


You will receive access to the Exclusive Membership during the training period at a cost of $120 as a gift, if you pay in full for any course package.

What is inside the membership site?

✔️ Exclusive Recipes

✔️ Fundamentals of cooking & baking

✔️ Inspiration and food guides

✔️ Meal Preps & Weight-loss Recipes

✔️ Health & Fitness Tips

✔️ Safety and cleaning

These are the best and useful materials collected in one place. You don't have to spend your time searching for information on the Internet.


What do you get by taking this course?

Demanded profession

Finding a good pastry chef is not an easy task. Our students are invited to work in the most prestigious restaurants in London and other cities.

Practical skills

To assess your knowledge and to obtain high-quality results, you will submit homework for each module of the course. Plus eat all the delicious cakes.

Working business

With this knowledge, you can start baking desserts, selling them to customers or open your own pastry shop.

"My name is Jena Roytman and I live in US. I am an avid cook, I love baking, love making cakes and deserts. While I don’t make elaborate cakes often, I do like to create something special for holidays, family birthday parties and other family occasions. I scour internet for interesting recipes and have my favorite desert bloggers that I follow. Alla is one of them! I was super excited when she created online cooking classes giving people an opportunity to take their cooking hobby to a whole different level! I have learned A LOT about different ingredients, tools and equipment that I never thought was important, or even knew have existed. But now that I know, it has made a huge difference and has made my everyday cooking / baking so much easier. This knowledge is applicable not just to Alla’s recipes, but in general to all cake and desert preparation. All the videos are broken down into small easy to follow steps: a step on how to make a specific sponge, or a specific mouse. Together they add up to a fabulous cake. I am creative person by nature, if you are not afraid to experiment, you can mix and match later on – a sponge from one cake with a mouse from another. I have done mirror glazing before, but I have learned so much more from Alla: the importance of the right chocolate and chocolate fluidity, the right kind of gelatin, the right temperature, all the issues that can arise and how to deal with them. And I have learned how to apply a beautiful velour finish, which I knew absolutely nothing about! The amount of work that Alla has put into creating these classes is just unbelievable. Each recipe is comprehensive and well thought out of. And when I had a question or two, Alla was immediately available to provide a detailed response. Alla is not only talented, but is also very accessible and customer service oriented, we are lucky that she is willing to share her talent. I can’t wait for her baking classes 😊"

Jena Roytman


Before 1st of September









Online Course Packages




Module 1 + Module 2 + Module 3

Weekly webinars with Alla (priceless)

Online support during the course

Access to closed chat with other course participants and a mentor 

Checking of your homework 

Certificate (we will send it to you by mail)

Access to the course: 6 months after graduation

+ 2 Bonuses 

3 months Access to VIP Membership

Equipment & Ingredient Box 

worth $420 as a gift if you pay in full. 

Pay monthly : $190 x 3 (no bonuses here)





Module 1 + Module 2 + Module 3

+ Business Module

Weekly webinars with Alla (priceless)

Online support during the course

Access to closed chat with other course participants and a mentor 

Checking of your homework 

Certificate (we will send it to you by mail) 

Access to the course: 6 months after graduation

+ 2 Bonuses 

3 months Access to VIP Membership

Equipment & Ingredient Box 

worth $420 as a gift if you pay in full. 

Pay monthly : $250 x 3 (no bonuses here)





Module 1 + Module 2 + Module 3 + Business Module

Weekly webinars with Alla (priceless)

Online support during the course by Alla

Certificate (we will send it to you by mail) 


Chat with Alla on WhatsApp

Checking of your homework by Alla

1 Year Access to all online cake lessons on the site

1 Year Access to VIP Membership

Access to the course: 6 months after graduation


Frequently Asked Questions

The course starts on 2nd March 2020. I will send you all the information a week before, so you can get ready for the course.

You will have access to the course for 6 months. 

There are in total 30 video lessons and you will also get access to a private group with your mentor and other bakers, where you can participate and get answers to all of your questions. 

Yes, it will be. The course is designed for beginners. The learning process is built from easy to more complex recipes, this way the program is most effective. Before we start, we will go through all the basic things and touch on all the theoretical and practical points.

Absolutely, you can. All the cakes and desserts on the course are designed in a way, so that anyone can reproduce them at home.



Yes, we have split the course into 3 payments for your convenience, however you only get all the bonuses worth $240 if you pay in full. 

Yes, it really is! The main thing is the desire and willingness to work, and from our side, we promise comfortable and effective training for you. After completing the course, you can make cakes and desserts on a professional level.

P.S. many of my students have radically changed their field of work during the course, changed their work as an accountant / lawyer, and are successfully engaged in baking and selling the cakes to their clients.

Yes of course, we have students from all over the place, Germany, UK, Latvia, China, Philippines, Argentina, Australia, Spain and many more. 

Ye it's possible, please send us an email to [email protected] and we will send you the payment for the course, and then organise it for you. 

Choose which package you want to pay for, and it will take you to a checkout page, where you can pay via paypal, stripe or credit/debit card. 

I am sure that this is the best online course in the mousse cake sector, so I can safely give you a guarantee that if, within 7 days, for some reason you decide that this course is not suitable for you, we will refund you without further questions. 


Every Monday you will get access to a new video tutorial. Learn a lesson, additional materials and prepare your homework. The mentor checks your homework, gives feedback and answers all your questions. Every week there is a live webinar with Alla to analyse the main questions and errors.


Each video lesson contains materials on how to make specific cake, with downloadable PDF files and recipes. I appreciate your time is valuable, so everything is straight to the point. 

Of course! Every day, your mentor will check your homework and answer questions. Also, a webinar with Alla will be held every week with an analysis of all your questions.

On average, you will need 2 to 6 hours per week to complete the course successfully. This time includes watching a video lesson and learning materials, viewing a webinar, and doing the homework.

You can watch the video lesson as many times as you need to. You can download and print a PDF file with a detailed description and recipe.


Yes you will, after the completion of the course, we will send you a certificate by post to your address. 

In extreme situations and emergency, we accept this and will be able to put you through the next course.

Access to the video lessons and materials will be in your library during the training and 3.5 months after. You can complete the lesson at your own pace and take submit your homework later.


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