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What People Are Saying:

My Mom made these all the time when I was growing up! I'm a Russian-Hungarian hybrid living in Canada. Thanks for the recipe. It will be nice to have a taste of my childhood.

SugarBear KT

I just made these potato cutlets with msuhrooms, it's really good. Thanks for the awesome videos and recipes, keep it up!

Michael Leone

I went to Russia for my vacation with my girlfriend 2 weeks ago. We did not expect to enjoy eating there as much as we did! The Pelmeni are sooooo goooood. We are from Thailand where we have (Chinese style) pork dumplings in our country but this thing is on another level. And great with sour cream!! Now i can make all these Russian and Latvian Recipes, I AM SO EXCITED!

Oon Chusattayanond

i just made these for breakfast and they were UNREAL. i need to go lie down. these were so delicious - definitely the best thing i've ever made!


Привет! My Russian professor and I LOVE discussing food, especially pastries. She sent me a link to your blog and I was so happy! I love all the recipes. I wanted to make russian spartak cake. Seeing what it was, I knew I had to make it (I think that was her plan all along). So I searched for a long time for the best looking recipe. I'm a baker (long line of bakers in my family) and can honestly say this is BY FAR the best dessert I've ever had. My whole family and Russian class and professor agrees that this is the best cake they've ever had. You have such a gift. This was beyond delicious! I'm making it again now for my best friend's going away party and for my parents. Спасибо огромное!!!!


Hey Alla, I used your recipes this weekend. Wow, incredibly delicious! My family and neighbors were stunned. Thank you for sharing this recipes. Love your channel! Greetings from Belgium 😉


Your honey cake is the best cake I have ever made! I baked it for a dinner party, and I was getting compliments all night! I even gave a few your recipe when they asked, thank you!

Cristy Harison

I'm from Brazil and I made your dumplings, SO GOOD!!! THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR RECIPE!!

Sara Brandão

tried this recipe and loved it! but IDK why the color of mine became darker after being in the freezer, also, the purple on the inside of the cake is is also darker lol! Thank you!

angie villarreal