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  • Sacher Cake (Chocolate Apricot Cake)
  • Blueberry Sour Cream Cake
  • Vecriga Cakes (Cream Puffs)
  • Opera Cake (Coffee & Chocolate)
  • Apricot Blackberry Galette
  • Strawberry Cruffin (Croissant & Muffin)

What People Are Saying:

The cakes turn out really well as Alla is a perfectionist and guides absolutely well!

Naz Parver Durran

"Alla, thanks alot for the excellent recipes and detailed instructions. I absolutely love the outcome. Obviously, luck of skills affected presentation, but this will be the next step to learn."


I would definitely recommend Alla’s recipe, I tried so many of her recipes, and I just love how easy and perfect and the results always amazing. my number one favourite recipe her Napeleon Cake, everyone must try this cake it is amazing. donuts are perfect too. I joined her in one of her classes and she was the best teacher ❤️


Super tasty food! Alla is a very good instructor and extremely nice. I love all her Russian Recipes, and those blueberry buns were such a HIT in my family!


Alla is my go to Chef for Russian and Latvian style cuisine. Thanks to her descriptive and entertaining recipe videos I can replicate dozens of tasty dishes that rival my Russianin laws’ cooking. Spacibo Alla!!


"Thanks for all your recipes Alla. My wife is Russian-Ukrainian and I have tried to make so many of your recipes already, and she loves it! You give so much value, I wish you all the success!"


"I have made so many of Alla's recipes and cakes and I love them so much. Always clear, easy to follow and one of the best teachers out there."