Biscoff & Caramel Cake

This Biscoff cake has soft fluffy biscoff flavored sponges and a crunchy caramel biscoff layer. The creamy cheesecake layer is also biscoff flavored! All of this enveloped in a scrumptious white chocolate mousse. The finishing touch is the silky smooth caramel glaze! If you love Biscoff, this is the cake for you!  

Videos Inside:

  • Biscoff Sponge
  • Biscoff Caramel Crunch
  • Cheesecake Biscoff Layer
  • White Chocolate Mousse
  • Caramel Glaze
  • Full Video of the Cake
  • PDF Recipe
  • Shopping List
  • Lifetime Access 

Picture of the full cake

Picture of half of the cake

Picture of the slice

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What People Are Saying:

The Cake was a huge hit with my family!! It was almost gone before I realized I had forgotten to take a picture.

Angileek Williams

Last weekend was my mom's birthday and I made this cake for her, it was such a unique flavor everyone loved it , she loved it and rated the best cake. Thank you Alla for the amazing recipes, you have been bringing lots of joy and happy moments through the cakes and recipes you create and shared with us.I'm so lucky to be one of your students.

Loulu Shareef

This is my favourite cake to make. For the first time a customer was ready to pay any price and not complain about the price.... And he was delighted with both the look and the taste :))) So finally my perfect customer haha. Additionally he said that he has a lot of business meetings and always needs desserts so now he will order only from me! I am very happy! Because I was losing faith in what I was doing, because nobody appreciated it.

Ilona Ciciala

Made the cake for my husband's Birthday! It's always a few days late every year since my shifts drop onto his birthday! I have been trying my hand cakes since the first birthday after we got married and each year since... now I actually know how to make them! So much improvement in 5 years! ! Thank you to @allasyummyfood for teaching us how to make them! It tasted amazing! One of our favorites for sure! Have to share this one with the family but will make it again!

Khadija Diwan

The cake is divine! Thank you Alla for sharing this recipe with us. I had lots of fun making it & the technique gives a very delicate touchy finish to the cake. I love mixing the velvet with the mirror glaze, they both complement each other. Can't wait to use the fat-soluble colors.

Anabella Dubach PiedraSanta

Thank you Alla for the gorgeous cake!!! The flavors are amazing. Also, I almost dropped the cake, but likely I didn’t fall) I am really thankful to you for other interesting flavors in cakes!!

Natalya Natalya

Just want to say a big thank you to Alla Driksne, you made my birthday unforgettable. Couldn’t even imagine that I’ll get the new recipe just a day before my birthday. The cake was absolutely delicious! My friends and family loved it!

Mariya Kukurudz

I never thought i could make this unique cake, when i watch alla i was so impress so i told to myself why don’t give a try to myself so it will be different than usually i bake,watching her look like its so easy! I always make double cake to make a try to my family and friends,they loved it coz its not so sweet and the taste is so delicious,thank you alla for sharing your expertise more cakes to go!

Princesita Malunes

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