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12 Week Mousse Cake Course (Basic Package)

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FULL PRICE $1,291 

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What Is Included :

  • 3 months of education
  • Access to all the online lessons
  • Online support during the course
  • Weekly webinars with Alla 
  • Access to closed chat with other course participants and a mentor 
  • Checking your homework 



+ BONUS | Exclusive Decorations Course (worth $300)


Access to the course: 1 Year

 This is what's included in the box:

We will ship it to ANY COUNTRY in the world! In the box you will receive:

  • Deep Assembly Baking ring 18 cm x 1 pc
  • Baking ring 16 cm x 1 pc
  • Baking ring 14 cm x 1 pc
  • Round silicone mould x 1 pc
  • Small silicone mould x 1 pc
  • Pectin NH 20 gr
  • Water-soluble colours x2
  • Titanium dioxide  20 gr
  • Pastry nozzles x2 pcs
  • Pastry disposable bags x 30 pcs
  • Spatula x 1 pc
  • Pastry brush x 1 pc
  • Gelatine leafs 100 gr (can be halal)
  • Gelatine powder 250 gr (can be halal)
  • Almond meal 150 gr
  • Cocoa butter 100 gr
  • Sweets & chocolate bars
  • 2 gloves

What People Are Saying:

Alla’s Yummy Food has helped me to broaden my horizons in the kitchen. Alla is an amazing teacher and takes her time to explain everything to us and always answers our questions. She has made my dreams of becoming a baker come true. The 12 Week Mousse Course not only helped me to learn more about being in the kitchen, but it also gave me a chance to become closer with family while making all of these delicious cakes. Everyone that was in this course were all amazing to work with. They all helped to uplift each other and establish a sense of community. Overall, my experience with Alla’s Yummy Food has been remarkable and would highly recommend to anyone. Looking forward to next year’s course!


Alla is a professional chef, and also good person in heart. She treats you as a friend and teaches everything she knows. I took her 12-weeks mousse course and learned tons of skills. Look forward to take her other courses as well.

Shokhrukh Fazilov

I cannot be happier than this. I finished the 12 week course and I was very lucky to be part of Alla’s classes. Alla has a lot of modern recipes and modern cake designs. I really recommend this class 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼


I’m finishing up Alla’s mousse cake course and I loved every bit of it! Alla is a great teacher. She explains everything in detail and promptly responds when you have more questions. I’m totally new to mousse cakes and I’ve learned sooooo much from this course ! Totally love it! One of the best decisions of my life.

Shruthi Mohandas

I happened to come across Alla’s ad on Facebook to participate in a free webinar. Since I had just completed my certificate in Baking and Pastry Art at Community College, I was ready for something new to enrich my knowledge. We covered many new techniques which I never covered in school, such as gel mass, and mirror glazes. By completing this course, it also gave me access to different decoration techniques and how to start and promote your own business. I truly enjoyed this course, and Alla was able to teach this old dog some new techniques and enrich my knowledge even more. I hope to take another of her courses again in the future! A great course to anyone who enjoys being in the kitchen!

Mary-Ann Lowther

I have just finished the Mousse Cake Course with Alla. What an amazing course. I have learnt so much and Alla is so generous with her knowledge and help. I cannot recommend this course enough. Alla makes it so easy, her written recipes, her video tutorials and then the once a week webinars were we catch up and get all our questions answered. I went for the full package including the Business Course . In this you learn everything from marketing, choosing a logo, social media and more. Highly recommended

Shaida Chohan-Karwa

The Mousse Cake Course was an amazing learning experience. I have never baked these types of cakes and I loved it. We learned new skills not just in baking but in decorating and creating a business. Alla is a great teacher she prepared videos with step-by-step instructions and written instructions. The platform was easy to use to view the videos and to download pdf files. Throughout the course we received support via email, Facebook group and webinars. All questions were answered big or small. Thank you Alla and Talia for a great course and looking forward to more.

Shaina Nemirovsky

What an amazing journey I had in this Mousse Cake course and would definitely recommend this especially to those who want to learn, explore, doing something that you never do, planning to put up a business and ofcourse for those who are passionate into baking. When I joined I don't know anything or knowledge into baking...what interest me most to join was seeing Allas videos doing the mirror glazing of her cakes. Allas platform was very easy to follow. She explained every single step in all of her videos plus a pdf file on all the recipes. Chef Alla is very nice, patient and professional. She answers all our questions and help us solve our problems that comes along way and this is very important because it makes more easy for us to understand and not too complicated. Again, thank you Chef Alla for a wonderful experience and I would definitely try your other online course in the future.

Shirley Capuno-Serador

Today I glazed my last cake. A double tiered mousse cake, guided from Alla. It was a bitter sweet moment. I am going to miss Alla and the fun, caring, kind and smart group of people who took this course at the same time as I did. Thankfully I became friend with some of them on FB! This 12 week mousse cake is certainly a must do, if you like or want to learn how to bake. Alla’s recipes are quite tasty and I’ve learned several different techniques I didn’t know anything about. I am very thankful for Alla’s guidance and knowledge.

Katia Hawkins

I opted for the Business course. With out a doubt Alla's mousse cake course has helped me learn so much! She starts out explaining the most essential processes in order to be able to apply that on each cake. I loved that she had so many flavor options very diverse flavors, I know that's something that will help me alot on my small business. The techniques can be used over time to make your own cakes /flavors. There was a decorations course that was very helpful It's, a total gem. It's nice to have different methods of communication to get you through the class, I mostly used FB but you can always communicate through Instagram or email. The course is very direct you get Video demonstrations & you get PDF instructions as well, you classmates are there for similar goals so you'll always have a helpful group of people to clear up anything that may be confusing. Alla is very flexible to all our busy schedules, not saying you should procrastinate or not prioritize however she understands when there is emergency/medical issues and or shipment delays. Always make sure to notify her & her assistant before each due date if you won't be able to make the cake. The cakes are worth making and the value of the course is priceless, sure there might be cakes that are not your preference in flavor as much as other but they all are special and I enjoyed them as well the process. There's some bonus cakes she will put out but they are optional, I didn't get to do that part due to personal reasons.. however I recommend doing everything the more practice with these techniques the better your cakes will come out. Enjoy give Alla a chance even if it's just the basic course start somewhere!

Gisela Chavez

I’m a hobby baker from Vancouver, Canada and I’ve been following Alla for some time. I signed up to her website when it became an option and attended several of her live-streaming classes. After attending two of her free mousse cake webinars, I was amazed that I was able to create these beautiful and complex looking cakes and wanted to pursue it further. I signed up for Alla’s 12 week course and I must admit, I’m a little sad it’s coming to an end. There are things we’ve made that I had no idea I could do. And it’s given me the confidence to pursue it further. I have friends, family and colleagues already offering to purchase cakes from me. Alla is a wonderful, kind, attentive and passionate teacher who truly cares about the success of her students. I knew this before when attending her live-streaming classes. She’s very approachable and will assist you in any way she can. I would recommend Alla to anyone who wants to perfect their culinary or baking skills without hesitation. Since subscribing to her site and to her mousse cake course, I feel more confident and I really believe I’ve made a huge self improvement and investment into myself. Thank you so much Alla for this incredible journey and for being so encouraging. You have inspired and taught me so much. I look forward to building from this and accomplishing so much more!! 🥰

Lynn Karenina

I want to begin by saying thank you to Alla for her constant motivation during this 12-week mousse cake course. The consistent inspiration and teaching has been very encouraging and worthwhile. I’m grateful for the techniques I have learnt during the course, the amazing bakers I have been surrounded with, a huge thank you to everyone for the support. I must say I took a leap with this course as I never anticipated baking mousse cakes and becoming a huge fan of them. The weekly zoom calls were encouraging and full of easy steps to follow and the teaching was well conducted. Furthermore, the Facebook group chat became a family of bakers to me and many other people I presume as we shared our bakes weekly and shared ways of improvements and applauded achievements. I highly recommend this course, a very insightful and beneficial experience to say the least. I have posted my favourite mousse cake as I made it for my daughter’s birthday and had a few family friends around who adored it as much as I did, had to restrict it to 6 as corona got in the way! Thank you again for this amazing opportunity and I shall be embarking on future courses

Kristine Darwish

After having a patisserie diploma from Le Cordon Bleu London, I was extremely eager and excited to know about Alla. I decided to go for her online 12 Mousse Cakes course. It has been the best decision I ever made, I was lucky to have learnt her spectacular creations and techniques. I have seen a progress through the journey, it’s kept me interested and motivated through the week - I am absolutely amazed with the progression. I love how Alla provides us with a live webinar where we are given an opportunity to ask any queries that we are unsure about, everything is clearly explained and most importantly everything is set at a prompt time. I have been really impressed to how well the course is structured and conducted, this has convinced me to carry on and sign up for her next course in March. Alla has taught me a range of mousse cakes where I wouldn’t have learnt else where and has also provided us lessons on cake decorations, glaze and spray gun techniques - introduced us to all necessary equipment that was needed. Every lesson video is clearly explained with a step to step guide, I am really grateful to have learnt so much off her! A HUGE BIG THANK YOU xx

Seema Shd

I'm a homebaker from Vermont,USA. I had enrolled in Alla's 12 week Mousse Cake Course after watching her webinar on the Pistachio Black Currant Mousse Cake. Alla is an amazing chef/instructor who provides easy to follow step by step instructions for each weekly cake as well as the corresponding instruction video for each step. She also provides a live weekly question and answer session for each cake lesson. I upgraded my course to include the Business Plan, which I highly recommend if you are planning on selling any of your cakes. I now feel more confident in making Mousse, mirror glaze, Caramel, velvet spray. My family has truly enjoyed being my "official taste testers".

Mary Small

I signed up to Allas 12 weeks mousse cake course and it about come to an end. What I would like to say is a huge thank you to Alla and her team for this opportunity to learn so much! I never thought I will be able to create those amazing cakes. The taste amazing, course done super comfortable for your time schedule and no pressure required. Best invested money i did this year and I am glad that I can finish this year by creating Allas double tier cake 💓also I am a member in her VIP membership club with sooo many recipes ! So useful to have all in one place , just click, type in search and your required recipe which 100% successful will be there!

Victoria Marcuka

I signed up for Alla’s 12 week Mousse Cake Course, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Alla is an incredible teacher, and her videos are edited perfectly so you can follow along in a timely fashion. The platform she uses allows for intuitive accessibility as working through the baking steps. I truly appreciate her patience and helpful criticism as we have worked through the course. If you are in the fence, I highly recommend it. I have never made mousse before in my life, and was so intimidated by it. Now, it seems so easy, thanks to Alla. As a side note, if Alla still offers the option of a box of equipment and special ingredients, I highly recommend you get it. This course has given me such joy and relaxation and time away from my normal routine, while learning a new skill. Thank you, Alla!!

Emily Hart

I have met Alla in the summer when I signed up for a private class with her. We made a delicious mango passion fruit cake, strawberry hearts and some decorations. It was hands down the best baking experience ever. I left the class so enthusiastic and amazed by how talented she was that when I got home I signed up for her mousse cake course and I’m not exaggerating it was the best decision I ever took in a while! The course has literally changed my life. I had no baking experience whatsoever and now everyone is really impressed with my cakes that I have decided to start my own business. Alla has the experience, knowledge and professionalism that you would expect from top pattiserie schools while paying a fortune. She makes every lesson look easy and explains very well and she is happy to answer all the questions and of course all her recipes are as amazing as she is. I have thoroughly enjoyed every single cake in the course. The price you pay does not reflect at all her work and the life experience you get from the course. I would recommend Allas courses to anyone interested in this beautiful world of baking without thinking twice she is honestly AMAZING and has a real talent for both baking and teaching/mentoring. Cant recommend her enough Shes the GEM OF THIS BAKING INDUSTRY 5*****I also HIGHLY RECOMMEND GETTING THE INGREDIENT BOX!!!

Oana Iordache