Online Cake Classes

Learn how to make a variety of different cakes, suitable for all abilities, anywhere in the world + unlimited access, PDF recipes and the online baking community.

"Summer Punch"

This delicate, light Peach, Bergamot & Strawberry Cake is easy to make and sure to please. Your guests will be trilled.

"Passion Twister"

This Triple Chocolate & Passionfruit cake is delicious and indulgent creation. It is also vegan & gluten Free. 

"Lady in Pink"

This Mango, Raspberry & Chocolate cake is a light, elegant, flavourful dessert bursting of exotic flavours and light texture. 

"Chocolate Fantasy"

This Chocolate, Strawberry Profiterole Cake is a rich decadent impressive dessert that will satisfy both chocolate and profiterole lovers.

"You have the best online cake classes out there, so detailed and so amazing, I have made 3 cakes already and my family loved it, especially my 16 year old daughter! "



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