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Here you will find most delicious Baltic & Russian food, stunning cakes, desserts, piroshki, blini and much more. All in one place.


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Russian & Baltic Food

Alla has many trusted Russian & Baltic recipes that were passed on to her from her Babushka (grandmother).  With her help you'll learn how to make the most popular ethnic dishes of Russian, Latvian, Ukrainian and Georgian cuisines. 

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"I have made most of Alla's recipes and they all taste incredible, are so simple to make, and very delicious. I am no cook, but with her recipes I feel like a pro"

Samantha, 25
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Hi, I am Alla. 

I have collected all my delicious recipes in one place with a searchable library.

Do you miss your childhood dishes? Have you visited Russia, or any Baltic countries and loved the food, but forgot what it was called? Or perhaps you want to learn a new cuisine? Don't worry, I have you covered. 



Seasonal & Holiday Dishes

Find the perfect seasonal foods and recipe ideas throughout the year. Celebrate with top-rated holiday mains, bakes, cookies, appetizers, and desserts. Find the right recipe for any holiday.

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Access to 500+ video recipes in one place, with searchable library. Easy for you to find - easy to learn and easy to use. As a bonus, you will be getting 4 new video recipes each month. 

Here are some of the categories:   

✔️Breakfast & Brunch Ideas

✔️Smoothies & Juices

✔️Pancake & Blini Recipes

✔️Soup & Salad Recipes

✔️Meat & Fish Recipes

✔️Latvian, Russian & Baltic Recipes

✔️Cheese Recipes

✔️Vegetarian  & Vegan Recipes

✔️Piroshki Recipes

✔️Russian, Latvian Cakes/desserts

✔️Baking & Cake Recipes

✔️Chocolate Desserts

✔️No bake Desserts

✔️Cupcakes & Cookies

✔️Lava/ Fondant Cakes

✔️Halloween, Valentine Day, Christmas & Easter Recipes


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Whether you are a beginner, a student, a foodie, or a professional there is something for everyone. All my recipes are easy, and don't require a lot of ingredients or tools, so that you can make them at home.

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