Apricot Plum Cake Class


If you're a fan of delightful fruity flavors, then join me on a culinary adventure as we introduce the Plum Apricot Cake class. In this exclusive course, you will have the opportunity to learn the art of creating a mesmerizing dessert that combines the tangy sweetness of plums and apricots. Allow me to guide you through each step, unveiling the secrets behind crafting this divine treat.


Cake Highlights:

  1. Vanilla Sponge Cake: We'll begin by mastering the creation of a light and fluffy vanilla sponge cake. This delicate base provides the perfect canvas for the flavors of plum and apricot to shine. Learn the techniques to achieve a moist and tender sponge cake that perfectly complements the fruity layers.

  2. Apricot Puree: Dive into the tangy and sweet flavors of homemade apricot puree. Discover the process of transforming fresh apricots into a luscious puree that will infuse each layer of the cake with bursts of fruity goodness. We'll explore the optimal balance of sweetness and tanginess to create a harmonious flavor profile.

  3. Mascarpone Vanilla Ice Cream: Experience the creamy and decadent delight of mascarpone vanilla ice cream. This luxurious addition enhances the overall richness of the Plum Apricot Cake. You'll learn to create a velvety-smooth ice cream that perfectly complements the fruity components.

  4. Meringue Layer: Delight in the airy and delicate meringue layer, adding a delightful texture and visual appeal to the Plum Apricot Cake. Master the art of creating delicate meringue peaks that adorn the cake, enhancing both its texture and aesthetic beauty. We'll explore the techniques needed to achieve the perfect balance of sweetness and crispiness.


What's Included

By enrolling in the Plum Apricot Cake class, you'll gain exclusive access to my step-by-step guidance, including a full video demonstration, a downloadable PDF recipe, a comprehensive shopping list, and lifetime access to this invaluable resource. With my expert instruction, you'll confidently navigate each step of the process, ensuring that every component of your Plum Apricot Cake is crafted to perfection.

Join me on this exciting journey and unlock the secrets to creating a dessert masterpiece that will captivate your taste buds. Enroll in the Plum Apricot Cake class and unlock the secrets to creating a dessert masterpiece that will leave a lasting impression on your palate. Together, let's embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the harmonious union of plums and apricots, creating a Plum Apricot Cake that is sure to impress and delight all those fortunate enough to savor it.



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