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Turn cakes into cash with the Cake Club!

Escape the 9-5 grind and achieve financial independence doing what you love—even if you're a complete beginner!

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Turn cakes into cash with the Cake Club!

Escape the 9-5 grind and achieve financial independence doing what you love—even if you're a complete beginner!

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Is your 9-5 job standing in the way of your baking passion?

The demands of a full-time job leave you with no time
for what truly gets you excited...

Weekends roll around, and you find yourself too exhausted to do anything beyond crashing on the couch...

If this scenario strikes a chord with you, welcome to a story that echoes my own from a decade ago.

Trapped in a corporate job, I found myself with no time for what truly brought me joy—baking!

Hi, I'm Alla Driksne

Just like you, I was once stuck in a job that kept me from doing what I loved.

A job I thought I needed to survive.

I didn't think I could pay the bills doing what really made me happy.

How could I make money baking?

But I took a leap of faith and believed in myself, and now, I live the life of my dreams doing exactly what I love to do...

Making beautiful cakes, experimenting with new recipes, and teaching passionate bakers like you how to do the same.

So, have you ever asked yourself...

WHAT IF your passion could become your paycheck?

Ready to turn your love of baking into a lucrative venture?

18 Unique Recipes

Learn all the techniques you need to bake any cake and gain a repertoire of cakes to sell! Plus new recipes are added every year!

12 Mastermind Sessions

Learn how to master business, branding, marketing, and mindset so you can quit your 9-5 and make money selling cakes!

A Passionate Community

Benefit from the support, encouragement, advice, and expertise of our community of bakers on the same journey as you!

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Build your perfect life around your perfect job!

Gain Financial Independence

Break free from your 9-5 and spend your weekdays doing what you love!

Become a Better Baker

Go from novice to master by fully investing yourself in your craft!


Build Better Mental Health


Learn how to reduce stress and increase happiness by mastering your mindset and learning the power of meditation!


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With over a decade of experience in baking and selling cakes, I know how tedious it can be trying to figure out how much everything costs, how much to charge for your time, and how to price your creations.

That's why I put together this helpful tool, the Cake Calculator, to save you time and do the work for you.

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Hear from my students: 

Alla’s approach to teaching is fresh and innovative, and her expertise and excitement flows into her interactions with her students. Alla’s recipes have the excellent flavor element combined perfectly with artistic expression.

-Emily Hart

A talented, amazing person and teacher. Her classes are easy to understand and her recipes are delicious.


I am very impressed with Alla's precision, sharing her perfected recipes and how generous she is with the bonuses. I like her energy and spirit. Lovely. Also thrilled that she uses the best ingredients, something I feel very strongly about.


-Pamela Shelley

Alla’s courses are easy to follow and her recipes have amazing flavors.

-Marie Stamati

I am having such a wonderful time learning; a dream come true for me.

-Robin Burke

Alla is a great teacher and a better person, the recipes are incredible!

-Karin Schaufele

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