Creamy Rice Pudding

Uncategorized Apr 16, 2021

This is our last video of my Thai Rice Menu. This campaign has been amazing and I'm so glad so many of you have helped raise awareness about local farmers that produce the highest quality rice. 

Today I will show you how to make an easy creamy rice pudding using fragrant Thai rice. I am using the premium rice from Thailand is "THAI HOM MALI RICE. What I love about it is the aroma, soft texture, and great taste! It has also just won the title of the World's Best Rice 2020. If you are not sure you are consuming good quality rice, look out for the green logo is to guarantee the authentic and premium quality of THAI HOM MALI rice.

Rice is really nutritious, full of fiber, calcium, and vitamins. It should be a big part of your diet and it is completely gluten-free! If you want to support this campaign and win a prize too, please follow the rules at the end of this post.

You will love this creamy rice pudding. I am so obsessed with how creamy and flavourful it is. Creamy rice pudding has to be one of the easiest, yummy desserts ever made. This rice pudding is made in the one, one stir mid-baking is all it takes. So easy, so delicious, and perfect dessert for any occasion. This serves 4 people.


  • 100 gr of uncooked white Yasmine Thai rice
  • 150 gr double/heavy cream
  • 550 gr full fat milk
  • 20 gr sugar (this is not too sweet-use more if you like it a little sweeter)
  • 20 gr unsalted butter (to butter the dish + add some inside)
  • Fresh berries
  • Pinch of nutmeg and cinnamon (optional)


  1. Preheat oven to 180 C or 350 F.
  2. Butter the sides of the pan (no need to do the bottom). Then add the rice, cream and milk.
  3. Now add the sugar, pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg and stir.
  4. Add the remaining of the butter inside the pan.
  5. Place the dish in the centre of the pre-heated oven, and set the timer for 30 mins.
  6. After 30 minutes, take the dish out of the oven, stir well, and return it to the oven. Set the timer for another hour
  7. Check the rice pudding after an hour, and you may have to break the skin to check the rice. Continue to cook for up to another half hour, if necessary. The rice pudding is ready when it has started to thicken (it won't be runny).
  8. Remove the rice pudding from the oven, and let cool slightly before serving. Spoon into dishes, and serve with fresh berries and a dash of cinnamon, if desired.
  9. Rice pudding is also delicious when served cold. Add some chopped fruit, raisins, or coconut. It's a very easy dessert to make, and to serve.

***Terms & Conditions for the campaign***

  1. This campaign only opens for participants outside of Thailand.

  2. To take part simply follow these step :

    1. Make a video clip using THAI RICE to cook any dishes of your choice.

    2. Clearly show the message “Product of Thailand” on the package.

    3. Post the clip on your Facebook or Youtube and set it to “Public”.

    4. Tag Facebook page “Think Rice Think Thailand” and use the hashtag #ThaiRiceMyMenu #ThinkRiceThinkThailand

  3. The winner of each month will be selected from the clip that has the most views and shares of the month.

1. The 1st will get 300 USD Voucher

2. The 2nd will get 200 USD Voucher

4. The winner will be announced on Facebook page “Think Rice Think Thailand”.  

Only participants who meet all of the above criteria will be eligible.


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