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I am a Baltic chef and food blogger of 8 years. Through my passion, I have accumulated over 750,000 followers across all social media platforms.

I have appeared on National Russian TV, British TV - ITV Dinner Dates (winner), a Dutch TV show called “Travel with a Goat”, featured on BBC Business news article and much more.

Some of my food videos have been featured on Tastemade and Insider Food, and organically my videos have reached 26.6 million people on Facebook.

About Alla

At a very young age, I left Latvia to live in Great Britain, where I learned to love, appreciate and blend the flavors of British Cuisine along with my own Russian & Latvian roots. I graduated from one of the top-ranked universities worldwide London School of Economics.

After training at West Minister College as a French Pastry Chef, my love and passion for food made me start my own youtube channel Allasyummyfood Supper Clubs, Cooking Classes, and Online Cooking School - where you can learn how to make the most amazing food, cakes and pastries from home anywhere in the world. My global and social media presence has already helped to promote many brands as well.

I have developed my passion for food when I was a little girl cooking at my mother’s and grandmother's side. You will find and learn many Baltic, Russian, Latvian & other Eastern European dishes as well as various cakes, desserts and much more! If you want easy, simple, mouth-watering recipes to impress your friends and loved ones, you have come to the right place. From very basic to more complicated recipes, there is something for everyone.

Press, Media & Brands

For any media requirements or TV work, please get in touch and send an email to Jessica:  

[email protected]

I love working with TV and journalists around the world to share compelling, unique stories.

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