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Hello bakers! Today I will show you how easy it is to make this moist chocolate courgette cake in my new Tefal Cake Factory!  This is a moist fudgy type cake. Sweet but not extremely sweet and makes good use of courgettes/zucchinis.  It’s a chocolate cake with a difference and with added veggie goodness that will surprise the biggest skeptics. No taste of courgette (zucchini) at all, just pure chocolate heaven!

I was sent a mini oven, especially for cakes by Tefal! Oh god it's a dream! When my Tefal Cake Factory arrived I wasn’t sure what to expect but it is such a great baking accessory to have in the kitchen.

I use it when i want something small and easy, what I love about the oven, is that it doesn’t require pre-heating. My sister is not a baker, and she loves it, because it seems less intimidating and much easier to use. 

My first recipe to try is a moist chocolate courgette cake, one of my favorite desserts! I downloaded the free Cake Factory app for my phone and found it really easily. I was delighted to see that there is an option to go step-by-step where the app walks you through the recipe.

I got all my ingredients ready and off I went! It was so straightforward and really easy to follow. I popped the batter in, then 25 minutes later had the moist, delicious chocolate courgette cake! Everyone loved it, my neighbors and my sister. 

The Cake Factory app has over 200 FREE recipes to get you started and I have made this easy step-by-step video for the chocolate courgette cake recipe on my YouTube channel. I now challenge Gluten Free Cuppa to bake the Gluten-Free chocolate crumble cookies in their Cake Factory, good luck!

Total Time: 45 min 

Level: Easy



130 gr - plain flour

50 gr bitter cocoa powder

90 gr soft cubed butter

140 gr light brown sugar

2 eggs

220 gr washed and grated courgette/zucchini

1/3 tsp salt

100 gr chocolate chips



1. Butter and flour the mold. 

2. In a bowl add softened butter together with half 70 gr of light brown sugar and beat until pale and fluffy.

3. Separate the egg yolks and whites, placing the egg yolks in the butter/sugar mixture. Mix well and then add grated courgette and mix. Ser aside. 

4. Beat remaining egg whites until stiff peaks, along with the salt. Add remaining sugar and whisk a further 2-4 minutes until egg whites become stiff and glossy. Mix into the courgette mixture gently. 

5. Sift flour and cocoa together and work into mixture. 

6. Add chocolate chips. Mix some more and pour into the mold. 

7. Put the mold in the Tefal Cake Factory. Run the program for 25 min. P1. 

8. Remove mould from Cake Factory. Carefully remove the cake from the mould. Enjoy it while it's warm, however it also tastes amazing when cold. 


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