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Alla loves working with brands to create recipes, professional food videos and photography. Her global and social media presence has already helped to promote many other brands.

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I would love to help you with more brand awareness!

My name is Alla Driksne. I love creating brands vision with their products that they are passionate about. 

Whether its recipe creation, Youtube video, Instagram posts/story, vlogging, photography, baking in front of the camera/at events or something completely new… I really am up for any challenge! I’m proud to have collaborated with the following brands so please feel free to read a little about a few of my personal highlights here. 

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A few potential unique benefits to your brand

✔️ Exclusively created recipes featuring your product

✔️ Professionally shot videos featuring your product to use wherever you wish

✔️ Professionally shot photographs featuring your product to use wherever you wish

✔️ Promotion on Alla's social media pages (350,000+ followers combined social media platforms)

✔️ Boost your brand's awareness 

✔️ Boost your brand's social media following

We would love to extend the opportunity for your brand to use her services and influence. Please refer below for a full price list of the branding packages Alla can offer. She'd love to help develop and promote your brand.


Check out our testimonials

Some of the brands I have worked with

"We are so pleased to have worked with Alla. She always does such an incredible job with her videos and it was exciting to work with her. The video she did for us has over 120 k views on youtube and gave us a huge exposure. Highly recommend to other brands that want to get exposure through her social media and get awareness about their brand"

Joe Cooper

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"We really enjoyed working with Alla. She was always on time, very professional and made our work easy for us. We will work with Alla again in the future"


"Really happy and excited to work with Alla. We asked her to create something magical for our own page, and she did exactly that. We were really impressed with the production and quality and creativity of each recipe. Her work is amazing! We are planning to work with her over the next year, creating exclusive videos for our own brand."

Nathan Reed , October 2018
The Fantastical Chocolate Festival

"Alla was great to work with. We developed 10 unique protein and fibre recipes that we wanted to use on our social media platforms. Our focus for the product range was mostly towards health and wellness and that is exactly what she provided with her recipe ideas. We hope to work on more projects together in the future, at the moment she is the face of our product."

David Gray , April 2018
The Fit Protein Fiber

"Alla was so much fun to work with. She provided a lot of recipes to choose from, and I wanted to do them all. She was very easy to work with, very creative and professional. Highly recommend Alla to any brands that want something unique, different and special "

Joe Cheung , September 2018

"Alla was very great to work with, from start to finish everything was very professional. She created several recipes for us, and we use them now as recipe cards that are sent to our clients. She was very communicative and pleasure to work with. Highly recommend it to any brands for extra exposure and help with recipe ideas"

Morven McCulloch

Video Testimonials

Please watch video Testimonials from few brands that Alla has worked with


Different Packages

Pick the best one for your brand, there is something for everyone. Alla loves working with each brand exclusively.

60 second video. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

 Here is what you get: 

✔️ An original HD video production with your product shown/advertised in ’60’ second square cuts for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter 

✔️ Your logo/website at the end (no talking in the short video will be provided) 

✔️ Not shared on my social media unless specified otherwise


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YouTube video only

Here is what you get: 

✔️ Youtube video where Alla will talk about your product, what it is ( please provide a script/ points to be mentioned/talked about) and your requirements for the video

✔️ Your product used in the video/ shown during the video. 

✔️ Your website will be shown in a video

✔️ A full description and links to your website under the youtube video on Alla’s channel

✔️ Music will be provided ( or please send original tracks)

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The ultimate package! Visualisation of your brand on my social media channels like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and also blog article and my e-mail list.


You will get

✔️ An original recipe with your product created by our chef Alla

✔️ An original HD video production with your product shown/advertised in ’60’ second square cuts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

✔️ Full Youtube video where Alla will talk about your product, what it is ( feel free to provide a 30-60 second script if you wish/ discount codes) and your website shown in the youtube video

✔️ A full description and links to your website under the youtube video on Alla’s channel

✔️ 1-2 Pictures of the final product with your brand tagged in the post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter 

✔️ Blog post on Alla’s website with your product, links to your website/ discount codes 

✔️ Full report on the reach of the audience and visibility provided after 4 weeks 

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Send Me Goodies

If you want to send Alla some of the products or goodies to try, it is always a good way to build a relationship. Unboxing videos are a good way to get honest reactions from influencers when they open the gifts. These can be posted online as genuine feedback on social media.

Please email to [email protected] if you want to send Alla any of your products or goodies.

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