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I would love to teach you how! 

My name is Alla Driksne and I love baking and cooking. I love teaching the world how to cook – the right way. Whether you want to gain confidence in your kitchen, transition to a healthier diet and lifestyle or are a professional wanting to expand your skill set, we have something for you. 

I have created "Cook with Alla" an online baking and cooking school where you learn as you go. It is an exclusive community for passionate and enthusiastic cooks and bakers of any level.

There’s something about losing yourself to the flow and process that’s healing. It’s a chance to flourish and shine, and the relatively easy learning curve gives one a sense of personal growth and mastery.


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What does the membership get me?

I am glad you asked. We are here to make your life easier, and put some fun into the cooking and baking with no stress.

Exclusive Recipes

Get the latest, most amazing exclusive recipes that are only available here. The library already has some unique dishes like vegan gluten free dumplings (pelmeni), no bake honey cake, chicken tabaka, mango & pistachio cake, vegan donuts and much more. All members are giving their recipe suggestions every month for Alla to make exclusively for them.

Facebook Community

Join many other cooks and bakers just like you and get access to our private "Cook with Alla" facebook group. Get all the answers to your baking and cooking problems. You will be able to ask any questions in monthly webinars that Alla will host, make new friends, share funny baking and cooking stories and pictures with your fellow buddies. It is a community for all the passionate food lovers. 

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Social Media Development

Social Media development for those who want to grow their social media and much more. Learn from Alla on how to build a loyal, organic following of 350,000 people and tips on how to build your brand.

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Coming in October

Alla will show you how to make various meal preps from healthy, to gluten free, keto, vegan, Russian and Latvian meal preps. As well, as share all her health and fitness tips with you.

What does the membership get me?

I am glad you asked. We are here to make your life easier, and put some fun into the cooking and baking with no stress.

You will have access to:

✔️ Exclusive Recipes

✔️ Theory & Practise

✔️ Fundamentals of cooking & baking

✔️ Inspiration and food guides

✔️ Social Media Development

✔️ Meal Preps

✔️ Health & Fitness Tips

✔️ New Materials, Recipes & Articles every Saturday

✔️ Safety and cleaning


As a member you will also get: 

✔️ Opportunity to ask for recipes and meal preps you want 

✔️ Discount on other products like single courses

✔️ Monthly Webinars with Alla to ask any cooking/baking questions

✔️ VIP E-books monthly

✔️ Private Facebook Community

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am so happy you asked. Yes, you will get an opportunity to ask for recipes and meal preps that you want. 

No. You pay $9.99 per month and you can cancel your subscription whenever you want. Or you can save $21 and pay $99 for a year. 

As long as you want. It is like Netflix. You have access as long as your subscription runs. 

If you love food, you are a foodie or you like cooking or baking - this is definitely for you. We have no obligation policy, if you like it - you stay, if you don't - you can cancel your subscription at any time.

I will be posting 1 new article or recipe or meal prep every week on Saturday. There will be new things coming out every week for you to enjoy.

You can pay online via paypal, stripe or any credit or debit card.

Yes, of course! We teach everyone at any level and there is something new coming out every week, so you never get bored.

It is really for anyone and everyone who loves food. You can be a complete novice, or a hobby baker, a professional chef - there is so much inside you will love and learn, but also have fun with other like minded people!

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